VeHadarta – The Third Strength

At VeHadarta, we view older adults as an asset to society, and believe that they belong in the center of the action – socially, economically or culturally. As studies support the notion that Ageism (age-based discrimination) hinders socio-economic growth on a national scale, we have made it our goal to reframe the issue of older adulthood in Israel by:

  • Changing perceptions and stereotypes
  • Facilitating sustainable workforce placement of older adults in quality positions
  • Cultivating policy changes on the decision-makers' level
  • Becoming a knowledge hub with regards to this population.

Our flagship program, the "Experience Required" initiative, has been revolutionizing older adults' employment in Israel. It is comprised of an online platform facilitating direct connection between older-adult jobseekers and employers, while providing both parties with a comprehensive envelope of services geared towards making each placement successful, sustainable and impactful.

We are currently striving to expand the scope of our influence beyond the workforce. Our core belief is that every older adult has the right to live in dignity and to share their considerable wisdom and experience.